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Who we are
Barbara Hediger - Light and Illumination Virtuoso

The alliance of artistic beauty , technical and technological excellence are the bases of Barbara's undertakings. The three golden rules that governs her every accomplishment are : sont :

  • A lighting system must respects human beings in a lighting environment
  • A lighting system must respects energy usage, costs, maintenance and operations
  • A lighting system must blends harmoniously with architectural principles

Barbara Hediger fell in love with light when she graduated in interior design and discovered the world of light as a Commercial agent with a lights and electrical distributor. Working in close relationship with architects, project designers and others enabled her to build in the field a wealth of experience. Light and illumination landscaper for over 16 years, she is today the Belgian reference in the trade.

Barbara Hediger, intuitive and visionary considers her profession as an emotions creator thanks to numerous lighting techniques. She captures a building's soul or that of a site in order to offer a new approach to reality and complements the architects design. From start to finish including installation she insures a proactive follow up of all her projects, based on team work with all parties involved ( final users, architects, electrical contractors, general contractor) Her proudest achievement is undeniably the Dexia Tower, even if each undertaking is a part of her, they all are dear to Barbara.

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